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When I started my art education, Scott Robertson was the only instructor who guided me to find clarity as to why I pursued a career in the Entertainment Industry. His teachings, techniques that he shared, and guidance, created a guideline for me to follow as a developing artist and designer. Scott is an amazing instructor, mentor, and friend.
John Park

Adhesive Games - lead concept artist
Freelance concept artist

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Scott gave me the essential foundation that I needed to succeed in entertainment design. His expert ability to precisely articulate and clearly demonstrate the techniques of the trade, combined with an attitude of exploration and experimentation make him not only one of the most skilled educators in our field, but one of the most inspiring.
Thomas Tenery

Concept Designer / Illustrator:
Universal Pictures, iD Software, Tor Books
Concept Artist/Co-Author, Alien Race

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Scott Robertson has been one of the most influential teachers in my life. He has helped me develop my skills from a student to a professional level concept artist and continues to be a resource for inspiration and knowledge in my professional life. Scott has always been on the forefront of concept design workflow and continues to be generous in sharing his techniques. Scott is a colleague, a mentor, an inspiration and a friend.
Patrick Hanenberger

Production Designer:
Rise of the Guardians, Dreamworks Animation

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Having spent 3 years with Scott as my instructor, boss and great friend, I can say without a doubt, he has shared the most inspiring and significant knowledge of my life. Scott is a true artist and the most intelligent and authentic designer I will ever have the pleasure of knowing.
Danny Gardner

Concept Artist:
 Sony Computer Entertainment of America
Co-Author/Concept Designer, DRIVE, BLAST

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I was lucky enough to take Scott's classes when he was teaching at Art Center. A large amount of what I know about design and its process comes from him and his effective teaching ability. He doesn't just give you a demo-- he gives you the ability to think and inspires in you the ability to teach yourself after walking away from the classroom.
Annis Naeem

Freelance Concept Designer, Director
Co-Author/Concept Designer, DRIVE, BLAST

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Having Scott as a teacher was one of the high points of my design education, the foundation skills I learned from him transformed the way I think and were instrumental in me becoming the designer I am today. His professionalism and dedication to his craft inside and outside of the studio are a continual inspiration to me, I cannot recommend him enough!
Ben Mauro

Concept Designer:
 Weta Workshop, Elysium, Valerian, The Hobbit Trilogy
Concept Artist/Co-Author, Alien Race

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I am honored to be where I am today, as I was blessed to be in Scott's class as a student! He has done more for me than I can put in words! Not only is he an extraordinary instructor, he is an inspirational role model for artists pursuing the field of creativity. Thank you so much Scott!
Daphne Yap

Concept Artist/Illustrator/Creature Designer:
Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Thor, Star Trek

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Scott Robertson is as good of a teacher as he is a designer. Scott's is a rare mind. His knowledge is vast and his artistic draftsmanship puts him among the world's elite designers. I spent 6 months as an intern with Scott. I came away with the technical skills and contacts to land me a job as the character designer for the Guitar Hero franchise. I should have been paying him.
Cameron Scott Davis

Concept Artist/Illustrator:
Activision, DreamWorks Animation

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